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BMX shows for schools, fairs & events are our specialty. You can easily bring this professional, BMX bike show to your location! Witness BMX stunt shows at their finest with this fun & exciting program performed by the Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Team!


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We perform BMX shows in: 





North Carolina

South Carolina & more!


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During our BMX school assemblies we speak to your students about the following:


Bicycle Safety

Anti - Bullying

Living tobacco free

Acomplishing goals 

And More!


We have BMX Show ramps designed to set up outside or indoors!



Entertaining with an awesome BMX Show allows us to educate about bicycle safety, the importance of setting goals and how to live a healthy lifestyle. 


We truley love this job! 


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Shows are all inclusive and fully insured


Bring the Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Show, to your school or event this year.

You can't find a more exciting and educational form of entertainment!


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